Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

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I walked into the small cottage kitchen with a bowl of steaming soup, and I saw my grandma and my grandpa sitting amongst my family. They all seemed very controversial today, so I walked to my table with my soup and sat down slowly. Mother looked at me with a sulking expression when I placed my napkin on my lap and started to eat my slightly warm biscuit.
“Something very important happened today, my dear.” My mother looked down, as if she were trying to tell herself this was just a dream. My father, who was looking at a stack of papers that he had bought before the Stamp Act was passed, flipped through them like he was trying to figure out their use. The only thing I knew was from my neighbor, because the mother told me that there was a new
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That was my only response, and the table had gone silent for at least a half - hour. I lost my appetite due to the fact that I would not be able to speak to my friend until this law was broken, and that would be a long time because there was a rumour going around that the British only rewrote their laws when it conflicted with other countries. This rumour was dying out, so I assumed that it is not true. My mother stood up to come and caress me, like she had just survived a…show more content…
We will still have enough food to be a family.” When my mother told me this, I started to cry. I tried hiding myself in the sleeves of my dress, where I thought my face would just vanish into the layer of cotton, not revealing myself. The table went from quiet whispering and laughing from jokes that were making fun of the British Parliament to complete silence. I felt a hand on me and then there was a paper in front of me, so I looked up just enough to look at the calendar. The day March 27, 1765 was marked with an ink circle saying to send a letter to Ella but then there was an X over it, like talking to my friend was prohibited because of the Stamp Act. I picked at the rest of my food until everyone went away from the table, and then I put it back and then left, going to my
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