Personal Narrative: Saint Patrick's Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day is very special for me, the day I was born, March 17, 1999. I was born and raised in Henrico, Virginia. My oldest sister, Katie, is five years older than me. We were all one, big, happy family. The divorce was experienced when I was seven; I was not able to understand the effects of this event. The judge did not want Katie and me to be separated. This outcome exactly happened; Katie lived with our father and me, my mother. December 14, 2007, was the day that would change my life, for the best. Mark Pearson was officially my step father, gaining a step sister, Austin, and step brother David. Two broken families came together; the futures of our lives would never experience broken love again. The infamous day arrived, the…show more content…
Mark masks his emotions, at times you could tell that this situation took a toll. He told me that David asked him “Dad, am I going to heaven?” rather than Mark giving the typical answer, “Of course, son.” he told him that it his decision. Mark knew that David would surrender his life to Jesus. Mark and I have become closer, not from this situation, but every situation that we have been through together. It is sad to say that I catch myself saying “my dad”, referring to Mark and not my biological father. I have spent most of my life with my step father who has been more of a father figure than my dad will ever be. Mark and I have a unique relationship, as I have adopted some of David’s characteristics, but that is not the only reason. We enjoy spending time together and being able to talk to each other; stories from his past and stories from my past. My family knows that we when we ascend to heaven, David will be there. Jesus has made His promise to us by reassuring us that we will go to…show more content…
The events that have followed have been infuriating. As a family, we have learned to follow God’s path and to put our trust in Him. I am learning to keep the good memories that I have cherished since August 2007. A put a smile on my face and remember that David would not want me to be sad. David has had the most impact on me; he taught me how to serve others before myself, be sarcastic, stay positive, and enjoy life. On his anniversary, my family and I enjoy going to the lake and spending time with each other as we reminisce about how lucky we were and are to have someone who would always be there for us. August 2007 to May 11, 2016 will forever be inscribed on my heart, as well as the many whom he

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