Personal Narrative: Salem Cross Country And Track

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As I ran across the finish line for the last time I could not help but smile; all the memories and lessons learned from my years on cross country and track flashed before my eyes. Salem Cross Country and Track has impacted and shaped me into a leader, friend, daughter, and student. The competition and friendship I found on the cross country and track team is amazing and has aided me in personal growth. The challenge of running is something that I have learned to cherish the most during my years as a high schooler as it taught me to always work hard. Nothing is ever given to you in life and if you want to achieve your goals, you must challenge yourself past your limits. While running is an individual sport, the team is so important to becoming a better athlete and person. The team challenges you to be your best and has become the biggest competitor for me. My teammates inspire me to work harder and push me to run faster in every meet and practice. This type of competition is positive because I want my teammates to succeed and they want to see me accomplish my goals. The competition and teamwork that I have learned and…show more content…
I strongly believe my ambition and drive to do great things has been reinforced by my cross country and track teams. This scholarship gifted by the NFL Alumni – Detroit Chapter would allow me to focus on my studies and growing as a young adult instead of worrying about how I am going to pay for my next semester in college. The scholarship will allow me to consider a more selective major and institution that is the best for my future career because the cost of attendance will decrease from the scholarship money. Lastly, the security and money afforded by this scholarship will free me from working long hours in a part-time job and allow me to select internships, volunteer opportunities, and unique learning experiences to enhance my personal growth and college
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