Personal Narrative: Samantha Kisamitakis

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When Samantha Kisamitakis was a young child she, “Didn't have a lot of support growing up because of my dysfunctional family that was only looking out for themselves. I had to buy my own clothes, food, and my own phone.” She realized that when she had her first child that she had to do something in her life. So at the age of 20 she tried going to college with a one year old by her side. But, her family wasn’t helping with the child, so she had to take a break. When I asked if I could interview her, she sat down on the couch. She told me that she was more of a let loose girl and didn't really care too much about college until she had her daughter. “ I would go to work and then have some fun with my friends at the beach and the boardwalk.” Samantha knew that she wanted to go to a close college to make transportation easier. That's when she she looked up “close colleges near me.” She starts chuckling about how she knew she should've taken the extra thirty minutes to get to a better college. But,…show more content…
She wanted to do that from the beginning of the year to the end. All she needed was thirty six credits. “ It wasn't hard at all because if you're doing something that you love time goes by really fast. What shocked me was when she said english was her favorite class. How could english be your favorite when your major was the total opposite. “ It was my favorite class because I loved my teacher.” Samantha starts walking around the room trying to remember her teacher's name. She then plops back down with the thought still fresh in her head, but continues. “She made sure all of her students were leaving understanding the unit, instead of sending us off with a pile of homework. I really liked that.” None of her teachers convinced her to do any clubs, but she did work two jobs. One was a convenient store called Quick Check and the other was a gas station down the road called
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