Personal Narrative: Sarah's Patients

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Today I started off different, beginning with resident from room 6 bed 1 Sarah 's patient. When we got there she was already out of bed and in the dining area drinking coffee. As usual my resident wanted to sleep in till about 8:30ish. However she made her bed and night shift did not have any trash bags in the trashcan. Anyways while she was at breakfast we hung her clothes and made her bed. At breakfast she ate bacon, eggs, grits, and toast, with a cup of coffee. We sat in chatted with her for a minute. Then the nurse came in they 're asking us where was our instructor and she needed to see you immediately. Next we took her back to the room, she refused to take a shower however Sarah sweet talk her into it eventually. When we were finished it was about 8:30 my…show more content…
We gave her shower even though she didn 't want one. Starting with her face, neck, back, arms and her Peri area. Sarah rinsed her off as I patted her dry. She didn 't want to sit in the dining room when we were finished so we said her in a recliner. Next I want to help and Amber with Siobhan’s patient in room 10. You help me make her bed as we talked about that nurse issue. When we were finished I was talking the resident I learned that she had 10 children 5 girls and 5 boys. She also says she has lost count of her grandchildren it 's so many. She told me about the story one of her sons died by falling off of the building while they were building it, as we looked at pictures of her great-grandkids. Once we got her dressed up to Siobhan and Amber took her out to breakfast. While I went to room three in bed two. Helping my resident decorate her tree not long before we left. As we sat in the conference room and talked about that nurse everybody pretty much said the same thing. Shouldn 't have to be that rude at least we 're getting an example of the real world like you said. Once we 're done I went back to the residents and told them have a
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