Personal Narrative: Scoring My First Goal

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Scoring My First Goal Have you ever faced a challenging time in your life, or a hardship? Well I have, and it was a time when I was playing soccer for AYSO. It happened about 3 years ago, in 2012. It was my second year of playing soccer, and I have never scored a goal while I was playing on the team. I desperately wanted to and I desired to show my team that I was capable of doing it. Every single girl on my team has scored a goal, so I felt left out in the cold. I was dedicated to strengthening my abilities, and I was practicing to become better. With the assistance of my family, coach, and teammates, I was able to score my first goal! On a brisk, fall day I decided that the only way to…show more content…
When we arrived, I set up the cones onto the grass and my dad got the soccer balls. My dad was standing by the net, ready to block any balls that flew in his path, and I was ready to kick with all of my might. I planted the ball right in front of me, and I hopped a few steps back. Then, I ran up to the ball, threw my back slightly forward, and I kicked the ball, along with a few blades of grass and some dirt. The ball arrived to the net, and unfortunately, my dad gripped the ball and it didn’t make it into the net, as I had hoped. I tried to kick the ball again, but it landed into my dad’s palms a second time. My dad noticed the way my foot was hitting the ball and that the ball wasn’t getting much height into the air. He said, “Let me show you where to place your feet, in order to kick the ball better.” He told me that when you go up to the ball, put one foot on one side of the ball and use your dominant foot to kick the ball. He also explained that when you kick, make sure the ball touches your shoelaces, and not your toe. Also, make sure you lean forward when you do kick. I took his advice and I tried to kick the ball
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