Personal Narrative-Scruff

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Today just so happens to be our first milestone in this relationship, corresponding to length, the one month mark. Where so I even begin? Ah right, the night the spark was officially ignited, December 4th. It all began with you wanting, and not being able to get a puppy. I seen how much you wanted this said puppy, and how sad you were that you didn 't have a way to go get what we thought would 've been a boy who was going to be known as "Scruff." This is what got me going, at this point I was already slightly crushing on you, "damn this girl is absolutely stunning and I need her in my life." So I did just that, I offered to bring you, it would have made us both happy. Me being alone with the girl I had started crushing on so we could begin…show more content…
I needed an excuse to talk to you, so I made one. From that point, when I thought we were already becoming friends I felt something, something that I had never felt was a... a "click?" You may think I 'm crazy, and damn it you just may be right, but I knew we were heading somewhere. This very night was when I knew what I had to do. You may ask, "What the hell are you rambling on about this time?" Quite simple, what I had to do was keep you in my life, treat you with total respect and always be there for you for all of eternity. I know it seems like a bit much for only being one night of bonding, but that night, I put everything I had into you without knowing it. I bet everything I had on us, I was willing to lose the tiny bit of emotional and mental stability I had left for us to become what we are celebrating on this day, a couple. I know our one month anniversary isn 't the most spectacular, but just wait til we hit the one year mark, or even every year after that until we surpass the 50 or 60 year mark. This is still the first chapter in our life together, there are many more to go. Hell, there 's even a few more books to make in our process of loving one another until death do us apart. Even then, I 'll be buried right
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