Personal Narrative-Searching For Homeless People

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It was the end of autumn and as I was coming back from college, the last rays of sun before the winter season hit me in my face so I turned my head to the side. That is when I saw her, curled up and isolated in a corner of Wall Street, with a piece of torn cloth covering her body. She was trembling. Since I can remember my family has always advised me not to talk to homeless people because they fear that I might be attacked if they are under the effects of drugs or if they have a mental impairment, but this time I was not going to act as if I hadn’t seen this girl. She looked at me with despair and a sentiment of compassion ran through my body. Her eyes were wide open and she gave me a cautious look. For a moment I thought that she could trust me but then I felt that the fear was gripping her with icy fingers. She was holding the cloth so hard that her knuckles turned white. I stepped back. She was cold and she was so cold that her face had a bluish tint and I feared for her health. I thought about coming later to help her. The next day I brought food and a jacket with me which I no longer used but I couldn 't find her. I started to get nervous. I have always thought that to make society better one has to start by doing little things and this was a good start. After I had spent a week searching for her I spotted her in…show more content…
She was very alert and she started to show signs of mistrust. The women wanted to talk with her so I moved away and I was not able to hear the conversation. However, after the women had spent several minutes talking with her, she stopped showing signs of stress. The woman was a calm person and this really helped Ava to get more relaxed. She offered Ava a warm drink and a thick coat and encouraged her to get into the car. As soon as she entered the car I felt glad because I thought that she was going to have an amazing
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