Personal Narrative-Semheralda's Story

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Semheralda’s Story It was a bright, warm afternoon when my life was forever changed. I strolled through the village and all its commotion. Young children scampered around playing games that reminded me of my youth. The teenage boys and men were hauling in today’s catch: several generously sized buffalo. Among the group of men were my father, Sehcotum, and my brother, Chikonep. Then I smiled at them as I walked along the smooth dirt path that encompassed the village. Before making my way back home to prepare for the midday meal and give thanks to the spirits for providing us with our commodities; I decided to stop by the Chief’s as a polite gesture. As I encroached upon his dwelling, an ominous feeling overcame me. There is always so much…show more content…
“My name is Dalton,” he began with a grin. Continuously I responded with a mutter, “Semheralda,”, taken aback by both his perplexing characteristics and beautiful voice in conjunction with his handsome features. “What was that?” he inquired, grinning with a large, shiny pearly smile that contained all the light in the universe. “I’m Semheralda.” As I spoke, I felt his eyes gazing upon me, taking in my initial appearance and associating it with his own experience. “Well it’s a pleasure to acquaint myself with someone of your immense beauty.” His way with words exasperated me. Such a proper, sophisticated young man, I’ve never seen anybody like him. He appeared to be an incarnation of one of my dreams. Chief Higomen and the older man stepped out of the dwelling. They bid each other farewell and the older man, who I assume was Dalton’s father, signaled for him. He and I bid each other farewell, and the two departed. “You liked him, didn’t you?” I spun around and found my father smiling. “The chief already informed the warriors about them. They come from a far away land and are seeking a place to call home. Those two men, they’re going to be setting up right next to us. They’ll
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