Personal Narrative: Seven Years Of Addiction

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It takes one time Being the child of an addict is terrifying! You never know how and why it started. And you always wonder if it was you the one that caused it. After you find out you always wonder if he is going to go back to his old habits. The only thing you think about is him and his health. Seven years of addiction can change you but most people do not see a difference. I did not see a difference in my dad during those seven years until i found out he was addicted to ice (meth). Once i was told he was addicted i started noticing all the changes in his body. All the mood swings and the multiple times he would go out during the day. I was a freshmen in high school when my mom decided to put him in a rehab home. I was on my way to school with my mom and my sister and she was…show more content…
Then I realized that it might be a good thing to get him some help. The day before my mom told us everything that was happening she went out with my dad's brothers and sister. I thought it was weird because they usually do not hang out unless everyone is there. The day they took my dad to rehab was life changing. I never thought my own father was going to do that. He was in rehab for about three or four months. The first time we visited him my sister and I cried our eyes out. He was mad at the beginning. He said he hated my mom for doing that to him. Then he said that's how he felt at that moment but in reality loved her for trying to help her out through everything. Most of my family was supportive towards my mom and my sister and I. After the first two months my dad started getting really sick so my mom had to make an important decision. To get him out of rehab and take him to the doctor or to leave him in rehab and let him get worst. My mom did what she thought was best for her husband. Not everyone in my dad's family liked her decision. My grandma actually said she would not help us anymore if my mom took him out of rehab. It was no one's choice but my mother's and
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