Personal Narrative-Shaefer's Life

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Born in Houston, Texas, on July 5, 1990 to Michael A. and Lucinda F. Schaefer, one baby girl with blue eyes and blonde hair whose name is Ashley Michelle Schaefer. A child of the 90’s, but a high school teenager of the 2000’s. The first major life event was totalling my first RAV 4. It was a foggy morning and my vehicle went airborne, hit a tree and landed in a ditch, which totalled my car. Although, physically fine an ambulance ride to the hospital means you do not have to go to school. That made my mom’s morning, because she found me in the ditch almost immediately after the accident, which meant she too would miss school, since she taught high school. Although the accident was a valley, it was shallow, and only one of a few out of…show more content…
A true peak was being accepted to Texas State University. San Marcos was a college town, full of distractions, and was where someone in their early twenties can learn a lot about growing up. I joined the school’s polo team and thought more about the team than I did about school work. Unfortunately, being irresponsible and skipping classes caused me to fail out, which forced me to see what needed to be done next.
A recent edition to the timeline was getting back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree. An education, the most important thing someone can have, serves as a critical key to success. This class was step one of the climb to getting life, as I knew it, back on track. One thing about history that has been learned was that we do not want to repeat its negative aspects.
These high and low points were a critical part of the learning process, which allowed for maturation. Events provided experience, which then allowed for the acquisition of a new skill set. Each encounter offered the opportunity for reflection, which shaped my lifespan. The chart revealed a definite shape. For every up there was a down, and for every cause there was an effect. The plateaus were transitional and allowed movement to the next life stage. My climbs, both up and down, are far from over. If anything they have begun a new with this class as its latest starting
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