Personal Narrative-She Made Me Do It

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She Made Me Do It
She left to go to gymnastics although we were still asleep. We woke up to her parents cooking us their famous gourmet breakfast as if we were staying in a hotel. The smell of bacon, eggs, toast, and sausage was always a benefit to waking up in the Beaudette house. There was plenty to do there. Riding on the hoverboard, driving the cars, playing mario kart, and jumping on the trampoline out in the back yard were just a few of the activities. We decided to go jump on the trampoline. She knew how to do back flips, front flips, back handsprings, gainers, and any flip you could think of. I knew nothing. I was not coordinated to flip or mentally prepared for anything. I would stand and watch her practice her many skills and after standing long enough she would encourage me to do it too. Finally, she had talked me into
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Spider webs or cobwebs, I couldn’t tell the difference, were mounted in each corner. Cinder block covered every inch of the room. A dim light that peeked from underneath the door, coming from the stairway, was the only source of light I had. I could focus on this one beam of light as everything else was hidden in its shadows. Continuous drops of water fell from a crack in the ceiling, this was the only sound in the room and it echoed off of every wall. It was quiet and dark. No windows. No furniture. No lamps. No wall decor. No rugs. It was just me and the cold, cold cinder block walls. I liked it. I liked to sit, alone, in this empty space. It was a way to get away. Get away from my daily routine, I would disappear into this room just thinking about the world. Think about all my deepest secrets, problems, and concerns. I was always curious what this room was supposed to be used for since nothing stood in the room. I wondered why this room existed or why my parents wouldn’t put this room into use. It didn’t matter though. This was my room, I had claimed it. It was my thinking space. It was my
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