Personal Narrative-Shenanigans In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The cold wind violently blew as it brushed my hair into into my eyes, I swatted it away and squinted as it blew harder. I stared at the coffin, a little too long perhaps I was just shocked that he was actually gone. To think that these "ghost" shenanigans would lead to all of this blood shed. I hear a faint voice coming closer and closer, "My lord!, shall the speech be redied for you? You shall be delivering it soon" I wave my hand and nod my head side ways "I shall deliver the speech myself, I do not need a script" The servant left hurringly as I start walking towards the stage, I see the thousands of Denmark denizens gathering around the stage. I see the stairs leading to the stage as in the corner of my eye I see someone signalling me to go up. I took a deep breath, puffed my chest out and started walking up the stairs. I cleared my throat as I overlooked the massive crowd, "We have come here to mourn the death of the crown prince Hamlet. He was a prince destined for greatness but in the end he got swallowed by his own ambition. But growing up with Hamlet made me think of the days before he became mad. We used to play the common game known as football on the grassy plains. A few more people would join but would feel uncomfortable tackling Hamlet as he was the…show more content…
In this case he took the lead and did whatever had to be done, this is the same as Hamlet when rebel'd against Claudius and his deceiving ways. He had found out that Claudius had poisoned his father and took the throne for his own greed, and Hamlet once again took the lead and went out of his way to punish Claudius by serving the justice that the vile man
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