Personal Narrative: Ship-Trap Island

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What started as a thrilling new adventure for American trapper and hunter Sanger Rainsford quickly became a nightmare. On Friday April 15th, 2016, Rainsford traveled to Ship-Trap Island, a small spit of land off the coast of the Caribbean, along with family friend Whitney Johnson with the intention of mounting a hunting expedition in the Amazon.
After going up onto the afterdeck and hearing a gunshot, he ran to the railing to see what was all the commotion. He had climbed onto the railing to get a better view and quickly lost his balance, subsequently being thrown into the bitterly cold waters. “After swimming for what seemed like forever, I heard an ear piercing sound off in the distance. I decided to swim in the direction of what I knew was a gun-shot, knowing that where there is men, there is food.” Rainsford explained. He later went on to tell about how he weakly pulled himself onto a rocky shore, knowing that he had now escaped from the tortuous waters, he went into a deep sleep.
Following his lengthy nap, he said he had felt as if he was
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“I 'll cheerfully acknowledge myself defeat if I do not find you by midnight of the third day,” General Zaroff had said. As he went into the forest he said he remembered thinking that he need to stay calm. “I thought about how this was like the show Man-Tracker that I had seen on T.V., the only difference was that if I was caught, I wouldn’t live.” After many failed attempts of trying to fight back, such as trying to use a dead tree and pushing it into the General’s path, and building a tiger pit, so that the General might fall into the trap, he decided he needed a new plan. On the third day he would swim back to the General’s home and only there would he be able to fight fairly. Rainsford located the General and was able to defeat the threat, and was reunited with Whitney Johnson and travel safely
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