Personal Narrative: Shipwrecked Survival

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Shipwrecked survival If you were stranded on a island alone and and had a backpack with 4 things in it and you got to pick those 4 things what would they be ? Well I can tell you right now it would not be hard for me to survive at all. My 4 things would be a .44 magnum pistol with a 9 inch barrell, a box of A bucket of the 294 bullets, an axe , and A pot. I would bring my gun and my box of shells mostly for food and protection. Really you never know what could be lurking on a island. Snakes and other dangerous critters could interfere with your survival but it will never have to worry wit a gun. also it is for food purposes i mean i could have just fished but if i wanted to i could make a cane pole out of bamboo or sticks and line from animal flesh from other meals. …show more content…

I would use the axe to help me make a shelter by cutting off wood and other materials. Also i could cut wood for a fire. This axe can also be used for a food source though I could go get mussels and oysters by cutting at the coral it is up against. My last supply in my backpack would be a pot. I would use this pot to boil water to make the water clean. I could also use this technique for boiling food. To boil this stuff i'll need a fire but i can make that with a small log and 2 sticks.It may be kinda difficult though That is my ship wrecked

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