Poem Review: Mr. Lion

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Mr. Lion I grow up under glances with disdain and fear. Everyone says I am delusional. Everyone thinks I am the greatest shame possible for a family as large as mine in the town. The cause is my innate ability to communicate with animals. However, I never take it as a shame, but feel quite proud of the world it brings to me. Therefore, I spend almost all my time with animals in my parents’ circus. The town is the home base of the circus. Every spring we travel westward to different towns, and turn our way back in the beginning of summers. My parents keep the travelling circus to the west of the home base because the home base locates on most east of the peninsula. The circus is famous among all groups of people, from dukes to peasants. When…show more content…
Lion call a boat just after a while. It is made of wood and looks like a half of a large gourd. He checks the boat to ensure it is not broken, and we together push it towards the sea. When I step on it, I feel the boat shake a little bit. Mr. Lion teaches me how to row, and then we set off. Certainly, I fear the sea, but my mind is soon occupied by the island. Mr. Lion tells me we can arrive before the dawn. When the morning sun rises, I will see a heaven. I will find a lovely place to live. I will make friends, a lot of friends. I will learn to read from the bear teacher. I will make a violin by myself if there is none. Most importantly, I will thank Mr. Lion. It starts to rain. I come back from my fantasy, but see anxiousness in Mr. Lion’s eyes. “I hope the rain will stop soon,” he says uneasily. However, it does not. The rain suddenly falls heavily, like splashing water out of a pitcher. Rain drops smash to pieces on the boat, forming white foam. Then, wind arrives, strongly and continuously. Sea water splashes on my clothes. The early spring water is even colder than the ice in winter, and I feel it is like monsters trying to eat me. I am so scared that I move towards Mr. Lion, but he starts to shout, “No, no! Stay there! Keep balance!
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