Personal Narrative: Should We Just Stay As Kids?

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If we just stay as kids

That time I was younger, littler, but stronger than now. At that time I could fall down as many times possible, but in the next second I would be standing again. Is strange how people grow up, but can become weaker than before, that day I could almost die in that beach with that deep blue in my vision but right after I standup again and repeat the same thing. That was my first Surf experience, I made surf classes in Praia do Rosa with my brother while we were in our family road trip, from that trip the words “don’t stand in your knees” echoes in my head all time when I’m trying to surf or seeing someone surfing. The just one thing you can’t do when you are catching the wave. But I also can remember the perseverance I had that time. My family always made a road trip in the final of year to South beaches. The car was always our purple Ford Ká, bags always were at the foot place, at that time I and my brother were too small so we only slept
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What was different about this travel? this year my father didn’t choose the beach where we were going before. The travel was very long. Sleep in the car is normal for me, I have headaches to be in any vehicle, this trip was just impossible to sleep all the way. To make the time pass, I played with my brother. At that time we were just kids, “imagination” it was our favorite game, was just imagine being in a different world, it made us stronger and made us think that we could do everything. We didn’t even close our eyes, looking to the car’s window we could see different things happen, a new world and new types of life. Kids don’t have too many worries, don’t have to see what’s real or not they can just go straight and ahead, if something happens there is no problems you can go and just do what you want. I was always jumping away, skating, rolling, I didn’t have fear of fall down and if I felt, I would just stand and play

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