Personal Narrative: Sierra Lourdes Guitron's Life

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In our short lives, we meet so many people and most we will not remember in a few years (besides our families of course). Once in a while you meet a special person that never leaves your memories for me, that person is Sierra Lourdes Guitron. We met about eight years ago in 4th grade when we were both around eight or nine years old. Of course, at the time we never imagined we would grow this close; actually, we did not even have a full conversation until 8th grade!!! We became best friends in 9th and since then we have been close to inseparable! During high school, we were always with each other at lunch, before school and after school now things have changed a little since she joined the Air force, but we have remained close friends texting,…show more content…
On a more serious note, she has an abundance of responsibility with her two siblings and is smart enough to not do anything stupid most of the time, sometimes however she does do silly things, like the time she tried to climb the wall at Stater-Brothers because there were rocks sticking out of it. She isn’t normally the “calm” type but she isn’t so hyper that it deters her approachability in fact; most of the people I asked about her (friends and colleagues of mine and Sierra’s) say they feel comfortable around her in most situations because she always knows what to do. Another word to describe her maturity is childish, now this word is usually associated with a negative connotation but I don’t mean it that way at all, I believe that her childish side comes from how happy and positive she is on all topics even when it comes to school and work. Hyper would be a good word too, it's almost like she never gets tired and around her it’s difficult to get tired yourself because she just expels that energy. However just because she’s always happy doesn’t mean she’s not a realist too, she’s quick to tell you the truth which might not always be a good thing but is always what is needed such as when she told me that I did not deserve to be treated badly by another friend of ours and should cut him out of my life even if…show more content…
Accountability as in taking responsibility for your decisions and accepting the consequences, now as I stated before, Sierra is blunt and will say what she thinks and argues if you claim she’s in the wrong even if she actually is wrong. I remember once we had a silly argument about if frogs had legs or not and even after we looked it up and it said they did she refused to admit it so maybe she’s not the most accountable all the time in that sense; however, another definition of accountability is always being there for someone and Sierra is always there if someone needs her, after a bad experience had happened to one of our friends that friend would always call at night about nightmares and me being a heavy sleeper wouldn’t always answer until I learned to turn up the volume, but Sierra would answer without a doubt every call no matter what time it was. The next concept is being a leader and being a positive role model, when we were younger she was always the leader teaching me how to climb trees and where the best hiding places. When she was in color guard she would teach new members routines and help them learn it better than our instructor would! Doing those makes her an acceptable leader maybe not the best role model but still a decent leader. Caring is the third concept and Sierra has that one in the bag, she has compassion for all

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