Personal Narrative: Silver Lake

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The gigantic group, including my aunt’s friend’s family, finally heads off to Silver Lake. Everybody was excited about the trip. Due to all of the noise from my little cousins, I was kind of annoyed. As we came near to our destination, I could sight numberless sand dunes by the road. After being in the car for more than two hours, we arrived at Silver Lake. When I came out of the car carrying my bags, everybody was already busy doing their own job. I felt like I needed to do something to help others, so I set out looking for some work. I heard one of my little cousins crying, which sounded like he needed somebody’s help. Therefore, I knew my job would be to take care of the little ones. I took them to a playground near our campsite and explained the rules that they should do or shouldn’t do. I felt like a…show more content…
It was getting considerably darker, so I just told my older cousins to take the little ones back home. I played for a couple of minutes with that little cousin, but as time passed, it became so dark that I could barely sight a few objects near myself. I was scared, embarrassed and also horrified. I could view nothing but my aunt’s friend who has been supervising us while we were playing. All of a sudden, we lost track of the way we had been walking on. However, none of us knew where it was. What had happened was that I was following her and she was following me. Despite all the terrifying thoughts remaining in my brain, I visited all of the campsites walking by and asked for a map and a flashlight. Fortunately, we lent a flashlight, so we knew who was walking near us. Suddenly, I heard noises and voices from the back of us. I prayed to God that they were hopefully the ones looking for us. From being squeezed so tight, my hand became so white. They were my cousins and uncle. I was so satisfied when I met them that I fell on my
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