Personal Narrative-Six Flags And The Mine Train

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Six Flags and the mine train. Near the middle or end of the summer my cousins and I were on facetime playing a game called ‘Growtopia’. We were talking and Ally told me that they were going to Six Flags on Sunday and that she and Abby could each bring a friend. I told her that was cool,then she asked me if I wanted to come, I told her I would like to and thought it would be fun. I had to bring a few things like sunscreen, flip-flops, my swimming suit, tennis shoes, ect ect. My mom wanted me to bring flip-flops and a swimming suit because they have water rides and a water park area,I got to my cousins and we put on sunscreen and talked for a little bit. Me and Abby talked in the ar on the way, (mostly about books and video games) Abby’s friend
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