Football Tryouts Narrative

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6th grade football tryouts It was a humid day in the middle of August and football tryouts were tomorrow.It was 6th grade and I was really nervous,It wasn't because I had never played football ,I had played football for three years prior to that.I was nervous because it was my first time playing school football and I had just transferred schools because the school I was going to be nasty,wretched,and unkempt.
When I got home from school my mom had gotten me a brand new white and black glossy chin guard and a juicy and sour lemon flavored mouthguard.My mom also gave me a talk when I told her I was nervous.She told me that I was a great athletic kid who could do anything he puts his mind to.
I asked my mom to make a big breakfast for me and boy did she deliver.I woke up,got in the shower,got dressed with my favorite blue water
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