Personal Narrative: Slippery Soccer

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Slippery Soccer Struggle
It was game day and the whole team was pumped. Today we were ready to take down our rivals, Maquoketa. We all got nervous when we heard that the forecast called for heavy rain with possible thunderstorms. We knew that playing in the rain would be a lot more difficult, but that we could handle it. I just had to remember to plant my feet closer to my body and keep my touches small because the ball would roll faster on grass than soap on a slip-n-slide. I was mentally preparing for the game during our warm-up as my feet were training themselves to accommodate to the weather conditions. I grazed across the wet surface, around the cones, and to the goal as I was getting used to the ball being on my feet. The referee blew
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The crowd is cheering and parents are watching their daughters play a sport they love with smiles on their faces. The smiles start to fade as the game goes on and it turns into parents yelling at the ref to make better calls. The refs are prey to the parents, who are predators. Everyone is used to the snide remarks from the fans and the game continues on in hopes to have a winner soon.
My teammates are getting tired and need substitutes so I hear my coach yell over to me to get in for another player. I’m a little kid on Christmas after I hear this joyous news and run as fast as I can to get to the sub flag. I’m called into the game by a ref and flashbacks run through my head of the last time I was called into a game with this similar situation. It was 0-0 and 30 minutes left of the game. In the previous game I had shot the game winning goal but the weather wasn’t nearly as bad as it was now. Running against the wind with rain pouring down is similar to standing in front of a fan but having buckets of water dumped on you. In this game, I’m playing forward and the ball is passed to me. It skips over the grass like a hopping frog. I trap it and weave around to make a break away past the defenders. The goalie sees me
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