Personal Narrative: Slone

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It all started in the summer of 1995 when Slone was born to her parents in Vancouver, Canada. Her mother was a crossfit trainer, and her father was a big-time lawyer. The contrast between her parents made for an interesting childhood. As an only child, she was always figuring out ways to escape her structured life. When she was just 3-years-old, her family moved to Topanga, California, where her dad worked on case. When Slone was 14-years-old, her parents quit their job and moved to Mexico. This was a bold move, but would forever change who she is. The first day Slone arrived in Mexico she knew it was where she needed to be. Her life was always set in stone and she was always expected to follow in her fathers foot steps. In Mexico no one…show more content…
I am not scared to die. I am young and invincible. I live my life, I swim with sharks and ride in the back of trucks going 80 miles per hour. My parents relationship is as bumpy as an iguana 's back. But my mind is saturated with culture and island life. One day my friends and I decided to get in a car and road trip to a destination that was unknown. The legal age for driving in Mexico was 18 but without a blink of an eye we ignored that law. We took turns driving and stopped at every vista along the way. Our surfboards on the roof and floaties filled the back of the cab. The music was blasting and I was singing along with my glass shattering voice. We bargained with locals for lychees and peanuts. At last we reached a pier which appeared to have good surf. We jumped off and rode the waves with pure bliss, dodging rocks and then plunging into the warm water. Frankly my parents did not care about me all that much, they were are always trying to please themselves and would do anything to enhance their own wellbeing. After coming back to the car after an hour of surfing, we discovered our cellphones, money, and extra clothing was stolen. There was no way to contact my parents but I did not care. I just hoped whoever stole it was really in needed of it. This was just a hiccup in the adventure. Our next stop was a giant tunnel in which we would float…show more content…
I was now going to be a senior in a huge highschool. I was beginning to face the reality of making decisions that would make or break my adult life. Mexico liberated me, while here in the U.S politics are going crazy and so are facebook feeds. Throughout my many readings one book suggested finding your meditation and going with it. I knew traveling was my form of meditation but I did not just want to go as a tourist, I wanted to go to the parts of the world in which I could gather pieces of my soul. This was just the beginning of my

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