Personal Narrative: Snowboarding Day

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One Saturday morning, I crawled out of bed and went downstairs to have breakfast. I looked out the window and saw a fresh blanket of snow which meant that it was a perfect day for snowboarding! About an hour later my brother, Jacob also came down and ate his breakfast. "Hey Jacob, want to go snowboarding today?" I asked. "Sure," he replied. We got on our gear one piece at a time. Snowpants, boots, coat, scarf, and gloves. "We 're going to the park," I announced to my parents as we walked out the door. As we walked to the park all I could see was a winter wonderland. There was so much snow it was crazy! The roofs of the houses were white, and I could barely even see the road. "Today is a great day to go snowboarding," I mentioned. Once we got to the park we walked past the sand box, swings, and then the slide and kept on going up toward the hill. "It 's a bit slippery", I noted, "do you still want to stay?" "Yeah, we can stay," he answered. We got to the top of the…show more content…
"Go get Mommy and Daddy!" I yelled. Jacob got up and started to run towards our house. "Hurry!!" I pleaded. He then began running as fast as he could. I waited out in the cold and snow for what seemed like forever. I eventually saw our car pull up to the park. I saw my dad and my brother get out of the car and hurry towards me. When they got to me, my dad picked me up and carried me to the car. We got in and he drove me home. Then he helped me get out of the car. The pain was so bad I had to hop to the door. Once inside our house, I hopped over to the couch, and laid down. "Are you okay?" my mom asked. "I don 't think so" I cried. We then put a pillow under my foot to elevate and cushion it for pain. My mom got an icepack from the freezer to try to bring down the swelling. After about thirty minutes the pain died down. We then agreed it would probably be best to go to the doctor. I got up, hopped to the car, and we headed for the
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