Personal Narrative: Soccer Addiction

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I have an addiction. A chronic illness characterized by the insatiable pursuit of an activity despite negative health and social consequences. There is no greater feeling than partaking in my addiction. The adrenaline that courses through my veins, the sudden relief of stress, and the excitement associated with my addiction are the overwhelming factors that cause me continue. However, unlike most addictions the health and social consequences I suffer from are not as severe. These consequences include fatigue or lack of interaction with my friends. Of course, my addiction is soccer. While it may seem strange to label a hobby as an addiction, it is the only way to appropriately convey my love for soccer. Similar to the dependency heroin addicts face, my need for soccer is a…show more content…
It started as a means to impress my father, an intelligent, arduous individual, whom I consistently disappointed. He always knew I had the ability to do well in school, and constantly lectured me for it. Although I knew I could do well in school; I could never remain motivated. That was until my first day of recess in the third grade. As I stepped outside the dreadful and monotonous hallways of the school, I stepped into an unrestricted and imaginative world that marked a significant transition in my life. I could ride the swings, play on the slides, or anything my heart desired. However, I decided to devote my time doing something I could impress my dad with: soccer. As I first stepped on the soccer field I had my father in mind. However, as I stepped off the field I had only soccer on my mind. What started off as a way to impress my father, turned into a voracious desire to play soccer. Day after day I stepped on the field and gave everything I had. It showed too. I exponentially grew in ability and before long my father organized a tryout for the Houston Dynamo academy, the most competitive and exacting soccer team in the
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