Personal Narrative: Soccer Heartbreak And Triumph

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Soccer Heartbreak and Triumph The weather was intense in the month of April. My high school soccer playoffs were just around the corner. So, training was an absolute nightmare for the team and I. We ran countless drills, ran countless miles, and dribbled countless times. Sure, it was a struggle, but I knew that I had to make every moment worth it because this would be my last shot at soccer glory. I knew the importance of our game because our first round was against the defending state champions, Cullman. Gameday was just three days away. The reality of the game was not hitting me just yet, but it was sure giving me jitters. I was constantly with my best friend during the last three days that was leading up to the moment. His name was Daniel, we have known each other since kindergarten, and he was a big asset to the team. Daniel would always say, “Edgar, I know how much this game mean to you, but no matter if we win or lose, I’ll know that you would’ve given it your all”. I was inspired by his statements because he was always that motivational friend. The end of the school day came upon us and we both headed down to the field for training. The training was just rehearsal for the game play that the team was going to run Saturday Night.…show more content…
The team made a huge error inside our box, and that led to their goal. They were just down by one. Our boys came up with an answer and scored another goal to make it 3 to 1. However, we made another huge mistake and that caused us another goal. After that moment everything went downhill. The team continued to make errors upon errors and the game was suddenly tied. We hanged for over time. The refs told us to play the golden rule, and that is simply saying that whoever makes the first goal wins. Two minutes into the game and Cullman scores the winning goal. Game Over. Nothing felt real after that moment. I felt like my whole world just came crashing
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