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Almost always decked out head to toe in soccer gear, I’m never surprised when people frequently ask me, “do you do anything other than play soccer?” What I love most about the moments surrounding this question is the quaint little look on their face when I respond “track”. Yes, even a competitive soccer player like myself can find time to enjoy a bit of freelance running, albeit through the below-freezing evenings of January. Much to the chagrin of soccer coaches concerned with the possibility of injuries, I joined the Winter Track team my freshman year. I told myself, and the people around me that I was enduring this grueling sport to stay in shape, a reason I soon realized to be wrong. Of course I wanted to maintain my fitness for soccer, but while the fellow track stars were dreading the distance runs, I was secretly eager to push myself. Every practice, I yearned to prove wrong the coaches, friends, and family who advised against it. My soccer coaches always told me that quickness…show more content…
His doubts of my seriousness student were palpable, and there due to my minimal oral participation in the class. Though I understood where he was coming from, I saw myself as more of a reticent but engaged student, completely capable of wrestling with a course like AP US. He agreed to let me take the entrance test after weeks of constant inquiry. After a month of waiting I received an email say that I had been accepted into the class. When I ecstatically approached him the next day and questioned him about the test, he said that I was ready for a class of a higher level and that mine was one of the best essays overall. The innate drive pushing me in track translated to my success not just in athletics, but academics. If I can overcome doubts with my schoolwork to achieve what I need, nothing can stop me from doing the same in every facet of my
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