Personal Narrative: Soccer Vs. Football In America

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On Friday, August 26th, 2016, I got and opportunity to go to the NFL pre-season game between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, NC. With my current situation as an international student, the method of adopting an attitude of strangeness has been my only option to observe this new society, culture, and environment. In my country, Thailand, we only know one kind of football and that is 90% of sport is all about using feet and 10% using hands, while the definition of football in America is the complete opposite and hardly has anything to do with foot. Needless to say that I 'm still trying to get used to differences between football and soccer in the US. Therefore, going to the real professional American football game is a completely new…show more content…
The game I went was just a pre-season game and the ticket price was extremely expensive but every seat was sold out. Being the only two Patroits fans in 3 rows of the seat where my friend and I was sitting made it extremely interesting to make a social observation. I learned a couple of compelling lessons. There were many people that are hateful to other people they have never met just because they look different (as in the jersey), there were teenage guys who were walking toward me and saying that I am a cheater because I have a patriots jersey on. I also learned that there are other people that might hate the idea of the opponent teams and their fans, but they don 't actually hate them individually. Everybody around my seat was panthers fans and one of them that sat in a row behind me constantly yelled, "Patriots SUCKS", "Tom Brady goes to hell", and all other hateful stuffs. I looked back and everyone in that row looked back at me and said, " He was just kidding", " He did not mean it", and other things to make sure I wasn 't mad or scared (which from the look on my face, I think I looked scared), they even offered me a bag of chip and only yelled when the Patriots
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