Personal Narrative: Something I Stand For Gay Rights

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Something I stand for is Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT). As i’ve always said, do people feel threatened by them? “Gay rights are human rights.” That quote basically say that “Gays” are humans too and the drama they have to go through is just more trouble in the world. If people have a problem with the LGBT community they have to find a way to deal with it while respecting their rights. For example the shooting at the nightclub in Florida. People just wanted to have fun with friends or meet new people without being judged. Of course they were not able to do that due to the shooting. Many were killed or severely injured. They were frightened texting their family saying “I love you” or letting them know what 's going on while being held hostage in the club’s restroom. It is extremely important that we as americans stand up for…show more content…
Of course they do but some lives are ending due to racism of whites. I experienced a colored teen riding his bike back hope as this cop stops him. While the cop was harrasing him he was putting his hands up asking her to stop with respect. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see what happened next. Didn’t Martin Luther King Jr. have a dream speech about racism? He tried to prevent it, didn’t fully succeed, but people payed more attention to what he was trying to say. At some point racism completely stopped because of the “I Had a Dream” speech made by him. Rosa Parks refused to move to the back just because whites sit in front. All the work these historical people did to stop racism is all for nothing. Black and White is just a color it 's not who you are. As Michael Jackson one said, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.” To put it briefly all the judgements, cruelty, or racism just creates more problems that is not needed at the moment or
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