Personal Narrative: Southern Hospitality

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“Full of history, beauty, and the latest technologies,” were the things I heard of the great country of Japan when I was younger, and due to its growing prevalence in Western society, it only continued to be a part of my life growing up. I’ve always had a curiosity in things that stand out and interest in cultures outside of my own and learning the perspectives of others and why their lives may differ so much from mine. I admire Japan’s society for quite a few reasons. I appreciate their hospitality, not quite unlike the “southern hospitality” I’ve come to know in Georgia, and the virtue of revering your elders and respecting them is also something I’ve come to admire greatly, wishing the same could be incorporated or said for American society.…show more content…
I want to allow myself to be fully immersed within the culture, overflowing in history and times long since passed, yet still retaining it all freshly and down to the T even in the modern world. Coinciding with my love of the culture of Japan itself, I decided that it’d only be natural that I would visit there someday, and prepare myself accordingly. To prepare for myself for the experience of being able to visit Japan, even someday live there, I’ve taken up learning the Japanese language. I wanted to develop a strong base, and was ecstatic when it was finally offered up as a course here at Georgia Southern and decided that I’d take the class immediately and devote myself to learning the
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