An Indiscernible Voice Analysis

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An indiscernible voice speaks.
“You are never going to escape from me,” said the disembodied voice. It was rather grating and adenoidal, as if he was crying profusely and it caused all the blood to retreat from my head. A funny tickling feeling of apprehension went from the area of my lungs down to my lower abdomen. I was stuck in a precarious position, tied to a chair with a rope with my hands hung up from a metal loop above my head. Who on Earth was this person, and why wasn’t he showing himself to me? Frankly speaking, I didn’t want to know what he looked like because I pictured him as every other notorious and boisterous looking criminal. The situation terrified me out of my own skin because I was oblivious to where I was and how I would
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I wish you would look past all the little things I do and understand how much I love you and want to keep you happy. I need you and I know for a fact that you feel the same way about me. I would honestly do anything to make it up to you and I want you to help me turn over a new leaf.”
And he was right. I did love him. With him my smile met my ears and I never felt lonely accept for those times where I wasn’t able to spend time with others. Yet I never really dreaded his presence. He always supported me, lent me a shoulder to cry on and did countless other adorable deeds that I never acknowledged. I felt like the most terrible person alive and would be extremely happy if the ground swallowed me up right then. I didn’t want to be tied down by him but a part of me wanted to believe that he would change himself to please me.
A spasm of tension and worry crossed his face. A stressed line formed in his eyebrows. He was chewing on his lips and his eyes haunted with some inner anxiety, his face taut and drawn. He was awaiting my answer which felt like as if time stood still I had a million pairs of turbulent eyes staring right into my soul, judging my every action and
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