Personal Narrative Speech: INL (Idaho National Laboratory)

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The crisp, chilly air finds a way into the supposedly tightly sealed windows of the bus. The sky is dark—the most deep, mysterious blue you’ve ever seen. Only the rim of purples and pinks that surround the mountains in a bright, colorful ring tell you the sun is rising. You hear the muted chatter and laughter of teenage girls. The rough, yet warm seat covers rub against your back. You can smell the brisk spring air; it reminds you of the morning dew, frost, and the wind on your cheeks. The ride to INL (Idaho National Laboratory) is full of new experiences—both for your senses and your mind. Your head is still foggy due to lack of sleep it underwent. When the bus pulls finally pulls into INL’s parking lot, loads of adrenaline-filled girls step off and onto the gravel ground. They are herded into…show more content…
Back in the meeting room after the CAVE experience, a long table with several plates filled with heaping piles of sandwiches is offered. Chips and several varieties of cookies are placed at another table. At once, you make a bee-line towards the turkey sandwiches. The fresh aromas of lettuce and tomatoes float around in the room before dissipating almost as quickly as they appeared. Clean, immaculate hands patiently wait to grab their sandwich. Once you have yours, you take a chocolate chip cookie and a bag of Cheetos from a table. Then, you wander back to the table your group has claimed. There, you hungrily munch and crunch on the crispy, neon orange Cheetos. In fact, you finish your food so quickly that you are forced to wait what seems like forever in order to return for a second serving. When, in fact, it really only is five minutes. However, while your group is happily eating their food, a woman in her sixties steps up to the podium. Her strong, confident voice does not waver for a second. Her speech talks about the opportunities in life. At the end, the audience applauds

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