Personal Narrative Speech: My Journey To Canada

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Today I 'm glad to present to you my journey to Canada.

As you all know, the world is big and divided into many different countries. A few classmates and I had the chance to participate in a very special opportunity to travel across the world and see how people live in different cultures. We got to travel to Toronto, the largest city in Canada. I, along with a few other classmates got to stay with a Canadian family for a whole week. And this is our story.

We woke up in the cloudy city of Stockholm early in the morning to catch our flight to the Canadian city Toronto. The flight took off at 7am. The flight was long and boring, but luckily we grabbed some brochures beforehand about Canada, from the travel agency, to entertain ourselves. We learned that Canada is located in the northern hemisphere, in North America. The country borders with The United States of America. It is one of the biggest countries in the world when measuring by land mass, second only to Russia. The Population in Canada is 0,5 percent of the total world 's population which is about 36 280 000 people. Canada also offers free health care to their residents, just like here in Sweden. Canada is divided into ten different provinces.

Each province has its own flag as well as their own capital. This is the province Ontario, which has the capital Toronto.

Toronto is the biggest, and most populated city in all of Canada. The city of Toronto has much to offer, being a center for theatre, art,
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