Personal Narrative: St. Catherine Of Siena

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I have chosen Saint Catherine of Siena as my confirmation saint. St. Catherine’s feast day is April 29. St. Catherine is a patron of Europe, firefighters, against fire, bodily ills, illness, nurses, miscarriages, people ridiculed for their piety, and sick people. I chose this saint because of the patronage and because of her life story. I like the way that God convinced her to live her life while worshipping him, showing me you can make time for God every day. Another reason why I chose her is because she is a patron of nurses, which is special to me because my grandma and mom are nurses. Nurses also have to do with healing, and I wanted my saint to be a symbol of healing incurable diseases to show that you can never lose hope and to keep fighting.…show more content…
The plague eventually broke out and St. Catherine went around nursing patients, bringing food and clothing, and burying the dead (Glavich 50). At 21, she believed she was given a ring of Jesus’ skin, which was invisible. It symbolized that she was married to Jesus. At 23, St. Catherine became a well-known, spiritual guide for priests, religious, and laity. Saint Catherine then became traveling for work. She was involved in politics. During her travels, she continued converting many people to Christianity (“Saint Catherine of Siena”). After her travels, she started trying to convince the Pope to return to Rome, in which she eventually succeeded in doing. The Pope was bad and people blamed St. Catherine for bringing him back. St. Catherine lost all of her friends (Glavich 50). She was given stigmata, which was Christ’s wounds after the crucifixion. These wounds were invisible until her death. Knowing Christ’s crucifixion was the only thing that kept her strong. In 1377 she established a monastery. Because Saint Catherine fasted for so long, she was eventually unable to eat or drink, move her legs, and eventually died at 33 with a stroke (“Saint Catherine of

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