Personal Narrative: St. George Asylum

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Today I sit here in my own cabin, head team lead of the St. George Asylum. These four blue walls surround me, a huge window looking over the main sleep room of all the mental patients. Number 83, the wheel chair is empty, as empty as the depth of my heart. The anger builds inside of me, with love in my heart, and tears down my cheek. Chair, bed, and clothes number 83 have become a huge part of my life and who I am today. This number was just a number to me before like the rest of the patients. Now it has become a memory lane, hard to explain but a story that completes my life. I still remember each detail today though 8 years, 7 months and 10 day have passed to be exact, it was a Sunday morning, I was called from the asylum just three hours…show more content…
As I walked down the hall I heard Ethan and Sam, another patient in my ward very old and an lovable being talking in a very low tone, I hid behind a door to hear their conversation. Ethan asks Sam, “I saw you escaping last night and returning with those flowers on your bed.” Sam was denying this while the flowers were on his bed, then turned around and responded to Ethan. “I will help you too but you have to promise to get me a new flower each time.” Ethan nodded his head. “Alright, every night the security guard falls asleep so when he sleeps, I pick the keys and go out. But make sure not over two hours.” Ethan agreed to follow through his whole plan and Sam was going to assist him for the first time, while demanding. “I want a seahorse…show more content…
Sebastian told me Ethan was much better and would be able to go home in less than four to five days, I took him for a treat to give him this good news. Walking into the restaurant Ethan held my hand when I told him about the good news of his release, he turned to look straight into my eyes and said. “Dr. Chloe you are the bestfriend, lover, and soulmate I have been looking for my whole life.” I was swept off my feet right there, the floor had just put a escalade under my feet. “Dr. Chloe I knew you have been started to like me as well, you take me out all the time, it justifies the attention you give me. Will you give me the chance to show my care, affection, and friendship to you for the rest of my life?” I nodded my head, tears going through my eyes and running down my cheek, I could not believe my ears. This was the best day of my life my first crush, my first love just purposed to me, I felt as this all was just a imagination. That anytime Ethan could turn around and pretend it’s a joke. This news was exciting and shocking, I didn’t know how to handle this. I knew I could lose my job career and everything I put at stake. But Ethan was completely worth it. I went into Dr. Sebastian office the next day, I told everything that had happened the evening before. He told me to make the relation go on further I would have to quit my job and resign as a doctor at his asylum. Dr. Sebastian said I could take him home after his last shock Ethan will be all well,

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