Personal Narrative: St. Lawrence Dairy Princess

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Throughout life, we all have wished that we could have a do-over. We have done many things we wish we could go back and change. If I could have a do-over, I would join the St. Lawrence County Dairy Promotion sooner than I did. I would have joined four years ago instead of in 2015. Right now, I am this year 's St. Lawrence County Dairy Princess. Four years ago, my boss asked me if I wanted to join the program. Her daughters were in the program and they were looking for new members. I nicely declined her offer because I was already in 4-H and didn’t want to be busy. Also, I was really shy and did not think I was the best person for the program. A few years later, when I got out of 4-H, I decided to join the program as an ambassador. I decided…show more content…
I would want to do it over because if I joined earlier, I would have had more experience in the dairy industry and with my public speaking. With the extra experience, I would have had more opportunities to practice my public speaking. As the St. Lawrence Dairy Princess, I have to go give speeches at many types of meetings. I would also been more comfortable about running for county princess and wouldn’t have been so nervous. When you run for Dairy Princess, you need to give a speech and I was really nervous because this was the first time I would be giving a speech. If I joined earlier, I would have more practice writing and giving speeches. Likewise, I would have been able to meet more people and get to know them. I have met many people the past two years, including the president of the college I want to go to. I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them. Also, if I joined earlier my writing skills would be better. In the program, you have to write articles and every time I write one, I can see that I am improving and using larger vocabulary. Also, if I had been in the program longer, I would have been more prepared to run for New York State Dairy Princess. I did not have as much knowledge as the girls who have been in the program longer than me. If I had a do-over, I would have had more knowledge and would have known how the program would change me

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