Personal Narrative-Star War

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December 22, just another day, or so I thought . Everything was going as planned, waking up and enjoying the beautiful morning. I thought to myself “What could go wrong this day.” I played my basketball game at Serra and after a good win went to dinner with my parents. We enjoyed the delicious and steamy chinese food served by our waiter. I was exhausted by the exhilarating game we played earlier so I decided to stay home with my brother and his college friends while they went to watch the new hot movie Creed. It was getting pretty late and my brother and his friends were going to see the new Star Wars episode seven, not everyone came so they asked if I wanted to come and tag along. Being that it was free and would be fun I said yes.

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When we got in the car we took to the theater i made sure to double check that I didn’t leave it in that one. I didn’t and of course, no luck, but I was almost positive it was in the car we took to 7/11. So we arrived home and my brothers friend Stevie quickly handed me his keys to open the car. I swiftly opened the door and rummaged threw the car . I searched and searched and I didn’t see it. My heart began to sink and a huge ball of fear and anger arouse. I had a feeling I left it at the 7/11, however I had no memory of taking my phone out at anytime there. Two of my brothers friends kindly and willing drove me down to 7/11 and we searched for my…show more content…
I thought about what i was going to stay to my furious parents. I slowly cleared my pockets out and layed down thinking about the big mistake I made. I felt doozy since it was late and fell asleep. I woke up the next day feeling sad droopy, and nervous. My Mom told me to sit down then out of her pocket she pulled out my phone. Explaining how I it must have fallen out of my pocket and a nice older gentleman picked it up and brought it back. It was a learning experience not only about being responsible but also being grateful for what you have I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my
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