Personal Narrative: Stargirl

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People know that Stargirl is different, Stargirl teaches me that being myself is perfect. She wears different clothes, she meditates, she does what makes her content and from my knowledge teenagers don’t usually do those things. In a way I am a Stargirl, I don’t do all the things that Stargirl does, because I am different in my own way.
When Stargirl came into the cafeteria, she was different and stood out. I realized that in Mica High School no one was different, because they said things like, “she’s not real… she’s an actress. It’s a scam.”. A long time ago, my mom said that when she came from Scotland to America she got teased. She told me no more than that, but she was different, she wore different things, I don’t know if she went home
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