Personal Narrative: Starting Over

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Starting over
Starting over might be easy when you are young, but if you are middle age and already have a stable and calm life, it is very hard to start over. My family and I moved from Egypt to The US three years ago, so we had to start from scratch. We found systems in the US are different from my country. After we found a good residence, our concern was finding employment. I was a science teacher in my country, so I tried to find a job in the educational field, but there were a lot of requirements to get a job as a teacher. I started to apply for many different jobs everywhere, no matter what is it because I need this job. Finally, I got an interview, which was tough for me, but I got the job. On the first day of training, I thought that I couldn’t do this job, it 's not my career. On the other hand, my responsibilities forced me to get work so I accepted it. The entire first day through the job was arduous. I had to stop the customer and convince him to buy my product. In the beginning I was with one of my colleague and I kept watching her, she is a
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With every day I was taught a new thing and a new word which increased my vocabulary as much I listen as much I gained, and as much I take as much as my language improved. In addition, I started to speak with my kids in English at home so my son who is in the high school helped me a lot by fixing me my pronunciation. It became so easy for me to talk to the customer and convince him to buy the phone after not a long time we started to be stable and learned a lot about the new systems in my new country .starting over might be a big challenge, but it has a lot of advantages.I learned new skills, I believed in myself and my personality changed a lot. In the new world you are probably going to have to start over more than once. I decide to go back to school to complete the requirements for my certificate to get a better
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