Personal Narrative: State Championship

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It was October, 21st the Riverside High School Bulldogs Homecoming game. They were 8 and 1 and they needed this win to advance to the State Championship. All the pressure was on all star quarterback John Tortellini. After the last bell rang the team meet up in the football weight room so they could get a pregame workout in. John was Partners with his best friend Eddie, they lifted for about an hour then they moved into the showers so they could clean up for dinner. John as he always did before he went into the shower he took off his glasses and placed them on the bench next to the door.
After John and the team washed up the got dressed and made their way to the Cafeteria so they could chow down on meatballs and pasta. As John and Eddy were
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In the shower, in the lockers, everywhere you could image. Even Coach Rigatoni asked the other team if they knew anything. John retraced his steps five or six times but still no sign of the glasses. Finally the Janitor of the school walked into the locker room with the quarterback from the other team. Everyone on the team was confused until the Janitor said, “You see this here kid. He is the one who has your glasses. I saw them as I was cleaning the away team locker room.” The other team's quarterback was taken to the referees office and he had to confess what he did, and he got suspended for the rest of the season now that John had his glasses he could now play like he used to be able to. After halftime all the cheerleaders left the field and John had to wait his turn to get payback because the defense was on the field. Luckily the defence got an interception, so it was John's time to shine. He drove his team all the way down the field for a touchdown, and they were back in the game. Johns team did that two more times and there defence held the opposing team to only a field goal. John and the team were finally winning, and there was only twelve seconds on the clock. John called for a qb kneel and this time John made sure that he would not drop the
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