Personal Narrative: State Champs? I Think Ever

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State Champs? I Think Almost When I first walk into my room, there is all of the basic things all around the room such as clothes, furniture, desk supplies, and homework; however, in the corner of my room is the book shelf my grandfather built for me. The book shelf my grandfather built for me is like a giant white dollhouse with a lilac purple roof. On the shelves, I have pictures, of friends and family, books, and my numerous medals and trophies from ten years of playing softball. Even though I recently stopped playing softball, I played for ten long years with my dad by my side the whole time as the head coach. Although at one point I counted fourteen trophies and seven medals, there is always one trophy that I smile when I see it. The trophy is a metallic silver color with a metal glove on top of the metal base. On the front on the trophy, it has a plaque that says, 14u ASA PA State Championships State Runner-Up. To earn this trophy, my team and I had to play 7 games in one weekend. We were only in this tournament in order to get a bid to nationals later that year in Williamsburg, VA and had no intentions of even being competitive in…show more content…
You would see some other medals and trophies around it, but to me it is the only one I see. This trophy means so much to me because it represents me and who I am as a person. It represents that I am dedicated because I played the sport for ten years. Also, it represents the enthusiasm from that specific tournament that we came in second it. It represents the over 1,000 games I have probably played. Additionally, it represents the myriad practices I have went to throughout the years. It represents my teammates that I got to play with sometimes for ten years while others only a year. However, most importantly to me it represents the way my dad and I became closer, and the bond between us can never be
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