Personal Narrative: Stevie And Dunlap

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It has been about a year since I first met Winn Dixie. I started going to school, and Stevie and Dunlap are both in my class. Dunlap is fine, but Stevie is not. He always gets me into trouble. Because of that, I don’t think I will get the student of the year award. I have wanted that award all year, because if you win it, you get a 100$ gift card, and free chocolate bars. “Gone, all because of Stevie,” I think sadly to myself. I have been a good student, but Stevie always gets me into trouble. Worst of all, my teacher is one of those dull, mean teachers. Even though I don’t like him, I have never gotten mad at him out loud. All that does is crush my chances of getting the student of the year, which is still pretty slim already. “Thank god…show more content…
“Sorry to interrupt, but where is Stevie?” I told the teacher. “He’s at the principles office,” he said. “He said that all the times he said you did bad stuff it was him all the time. The fact that he lied so many times and got away with it made me send him to the principles office immediately,” the teacher said. “WHAT” I thought. “Is Stevie trying to help me win the best student award? He would never do such a thing!” I thought again. “Maybe, because Stevie admitted that he was lying about me the whole time, I might win the student of the year award!” I thought right as the bell to go home rang. Once I got home, I dozed off, and I didn’t care to wake up until the next morning. When I woke up in the morning, I had my breakfast, packed up for today, chose the nicest outfit I could find [hey, If I’m about to win an award, why not look nice?] and went to school. I ended up winning the student of the year award. I wished I could of thanked Stevie, but he was probably sad about the whippings he’s going to get once he gets home. I give him one of the chocolate bars that they gave me in the rewards. Stevie looked a bit happier, but all he did was just nod. He had done an incredible thing with tons of backfire on him. Even though he’s in big trouble, he has a new friend and he did the right
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