Personal Narrative: Stitches

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Stitches I could see that my mom was scared to see with a gap in my head.It was hard to hear anything because I was losing a lot of blood.I fealt the hole in my head it was disquieting.I coud small and taste the blood it takes like metal.At that time I knew that something was wrong. It was a hockey treatment for my brother and I came with them.The parents went out to eat and the kids stayed at the holt tall.I had nothing to do all the other kids were playing nee hockey I sell my friend on the bad throw a stuffed animal around. So I went on the bed, then he said what are you doing Then he shoved me off the bed off the bed. ever won look at me goching bloud some sad they could help me. she pot a clouf on my had and stop the bloud.It was like my life flatch before my eyes.…show more content…
It seemed like one sentence and my mom and dad were there someone that worked at the hotel took me to the hospital. They said we had to take a tack it and have a SEAT! 10 minutes later they called are named. They took me to a room and put a shout in my head, then put in 8 stitches. The docker sad to take them out in 2 weeks. Know he is not my
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