Sister Told Me Narrative

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I remember once when I was little, my parents had left the air condition open half way. I guess we didn’t think anything would happen, but it turns out a stray cat had come into our house through the window and had her kittens. We had looked all over trying to find out where the meowing was coming from. Soon enough we found them in the empty toy box that I had at the time. We ended up keeping them for a while. There were three of them, two girls and one boy. They were great until I figured out that we were moving into a new place and we couldn’t have them there.
Enough of the kitten story, let me tell you about myself. Well I am 15 years old; my birthday is December 4th, and I have a wonderful family. Let me tell you a little bit about them. I live with my dad, my mom, my sister, and my two goofy brothers. My dad is a great dad. Every Christmas, we watch our favorite our favorite Christmas cartoons. Whenever I say mom I mean my step mom, but she is the only mother figure I have known. She’s great, though. She helps me with a lot and gives me courage. My sister is very amazing. She helps me with everything. She may be in 8th grade, but she in very intelligent for her age. My oldest brother actually goes to this school. He is in 11th grade. He can draw like no one
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Well for starters, I hate dirty rooms. Whenever a room is dirty it makes me want to scream. Another thing is when someone lies to me. I like honesty! If you want me to be one hundred with you, you need to be one hundred with me as well. You may not think this about me, but I do not like to be bothered whenever I am cleaning. Whenever I am cleaning, I like to have my own space. If I get bothered I will stop cleaning. I am a freak whenever it comes to cleaning. The last dislike that I am going to tell you about is that I don’t like whenever people chew and talk with their mouth full. It’s gross and
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