Narrative Essay On School Day

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Going to high school as a freshmen was just the beginning for me Sara thought. Eight classes in one day, early release, and boys but not just any kind of boys older boys. Sara has always been excited for high school and boys. As the day goes on Sara start to make new friends in her last hour. The school day is over.
Sara and her friends go back to her house to do their homework. As they finish up their homework the girls began to talk about the boys at their school. Sara yelled Chris, he has a nice smile, hair, and he also smell good with his axe cologne. The girls started to laugh. Sara face is turning red. She screams what you are all laughing at. Her friend Kyla said you could never date him. So Kyla and Sara made a bet, if she could date Chris for longer than a week, she would get $50, but if she lost she would have to wear mix match shoes to school. As they finish up their conversation Sara’s mother yelled up the stair, Kyla your mother is here. The girls packed their homework in their backpacks and wave bye to Sara. See you tomorrow with a big fake smile on her face said Kyla. Sara begin to think. What if I’m not good enough? She finish brushing her teeth and put on her pj. The next day comes, and Sara walks off her school bus in to school building. The closer she to the double doors her palms got
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Her locker was right across from Mr. King Classroom. She starts to take all the heavy books out her bag in place them in her locker. Sara is down to her last book to put in her locker and as she looked up there was Chris right beside her. Sara stomach feels with butterflies, her face turn pink. You sure this is your locker she asked? He said yes. As weeks goes on Sara win the bet. Chris and Sara began to date. Chris does everything right for Sara. He takes her to the movies, out to eat, walks in the park, and buy her gifts. Sara thought he was the perfect guy for her and no one could tell her
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