Personal Narrative Story: My Aunt Susanna's Life

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Its june the 6 2011 7:00 A.M we are driving to san antonio, and no one is speaking my great aunt susanna driving my grandmother in the passenger seat neither wanting to break the melancholy silence. my brother Elias( about 7 at the time) in the back seat alongside to my new born brother gabriel in his baby seat, myself looking over him everyone seemed to have shut out all their senses. Elias was the worst almost as if he were in a trance. But who wouldn't be ? after nearly losing a loved one. i to was still in shocked but i tried to remain positive.

My brother nathan had drowned the previous day. we had been at my aunt susan's house ; celebrating her birthday the aroma of “ carne asada” filled the neighborhood . it was a normal mexican style
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The female adults were at the table sharing gossip of god knows what. And the kids were running around swimming and playing games. I don't remember to many details. I just remember that i got out of rh pool to adjust my swimming trunks. And went to the restroom. Upon returning i everyone (from 8-10 other kids) were on standing outside of the pool staring into it. I get a little closer to see what the commotion was about. When i see my little brother nathan's motionless body floating inside the water. I and at that point i jumped in and tried to pull him out. I'll never forget the struggle i was a really good swimmer but id never tried to carry some one while swimming. At first i tried to carry him from under his arms but it wasn't long b4 i had to come back up for air and immediately going back down. The only thing i could do was just try to push his body to the edge and hope someone could help me get him out. After what seemed hours of struggling i managed to get him out of the pool. By the time i got him out of the pool all the adults had rushed to the edge of the pool where his body laid. At this point every adult was…show more content…
My brother and I didn't last long. We fell asleep around 12 1230 waiting to know what was happening, around 6 in the morning my grandmother woke me up celery how we had to pack our bags and that we were going to San Antonio. She explained to me that his lungs were 75% filled with water ,and that he had been flown to San Antonio overnight with my mother. The hospitals in laredo didn't have the tools needed to extract the water from him they estimated chance of him making it to be 50/50. Throughout the next two to three hours we saw a lot of preparations. Mostly money management. In the morning my aunt Susanna pulled up to my driveway signaling us that we were ready to leave. Summers I walked out of my house I told my best friend Robert and his mother driving by and fate and remember that today was his birthday. All the right now what's on the time to think of my friend Robert. Before we started our trip to San Antonio we accompanied my aunt sana to a Jiffy Lube. What time of the Jiffy Lube was the calmest. I don't know why but I felt relaxed there. It might have been the smell of fresh rubber possibly the very cold waiting room maybe even the suede sofas they had a sitting on; it was almost like I had forgot of everything that happened the day prior ,but this didn't last long . Before I knew it we were back on my aunt's
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