Personal Narrative Story: My Personal Experience

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This is my personal experience story, it was afternoon at 3pm, me and my friends were talking about jokes, we are often gathered just chatting or playing, sometime I think I want to climb the mountain with my friends. I talked to one of them that I ask them to climn a mountain with me, "maybe we must climb a mountain together", my friends quickly shouted "come on, when, with whom?. I am more excited to realize what I want it. Finally my friend immediately told about our plans, unexpectedly, my other friends responded with the answer I want, after that talk more focused on the plan of climbing, did not feel the day was getting dark, we also go home immediately. I am happy to climb mountains, can see beautiful scenery, see the greatness of god,…show more content…
We shared the assignment again to set up the tent, after the tent stood, my friend took the initiative to make coffee, the day was getting dark, the air was very cold but a cup of hot coffee can help keep the body warm. After the meal we decided to sleep and continue the journey tomorrow at 2am. The next day we continued our journey at 2am, we only had one bag and food inside, our tent was living because the other climbers were very dark and cold, not accustomed to cold air we were wearing double shirts and wearing jackets. Flashlight looks very helpful on the way, I play music so that the atmosphere is not quiet because it is still morning. Sindoro mountain has a height of 3150 MDPL and has 6 posts. Arriving at post 6 we take a break just to drink water and see the atmosphere of the morning on the mountain. Heading 6 is the last post on Sindoro mountain, and after this is the peak. We continue our journey at 4am, we are determined to reach the top before sunrise, therefore we speed up the feet to reach the top before sunrise. We reached the peak at 5am, and we are grateful to see the sunrise at the top of Sindoro mountain, do not forget we capture the beautiful moment by taking pictures with friends. After the sun shone on this
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