Personal Narrative Story: My Story

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I used to be indifferent towards books with simple white pages and somber black ink. I thought reading them was such a waste of time. Consequently, I reasoned that it had no significance to our academic or social life, yet people around me were so passionate about them. However, my perspective changed when my forth grade English teacher showed me the power of those words to trigger our imagination. The change took place back in 2004, when I reached my forth year in elementary school. I was overjoyed to see my friends on the first day of school. After the little entrance ceremony, the teachers led us to our classrooms. My classmates and I were lead to the new English class. Then school principal announced that she had assigned a new teacher for English class. I assumed she 'd be another highly intelligent, yet stiff middle-aged woman. But I was surprised when she stepped into the class, she was nothing like what I had expected. The principal immediately welcomed her in a way that got us all puzzled. That very principal that we all feared because of her insensitive and distant manner acted all lovingly and was giving her hugs and kisses on the cheek. The principal expressed how proud she was of the new teacher, Ms. Rama. She explained that Ms. Rama was her favorite student when she was an elementary student in our school fifteen years ago, and kept bragging about Ms. Rama’s excellent grades and behavior. A little later, the principal turned around with a sigh of
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