Personal Narrative: Stranger Anxiety

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I was born on August, in the year of 1996. My mother would tell me that I was a nonchalant rugrat that kept to herself. My social development was more of a neglect of other people where I had no regards of anyone unless it was my mother. Sure, I smiled at other people now and then when I was a few-weeks-old, but I was always inclined to my mother or as mentioned in the book, we had the mother-child interaction (White, 1971, p. 15.) She brought to my attention how I would frequently be distressed for my lack of interest when others approached me. It did not make a difference whether they were family members or not. Perhaps, that distressed could have been linked to “stranger anxiety” I was around 8 months old at the time. (Spitz, 1947, p. 15.)
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