Personal Narrative-Striped Shirt Magician

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Striped Shirt Magician. ‘Twas the night of the first fight of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Noah, Robbie, Jameson,James, and I were all skateboarding at the YMCA all day. Then around 9:00 P.M. two cars pulled up both of the cars were sedans. One was red and the other was gray 2 girls got out of the cars and ran down the road 5 minutes later a blacked out coach bus pulls into the Y we were confused me and James ran behind the bricks thinking it was going to be like the purge or like taken or something like that. Jameson,Noah, and Robbie all stood on the sidewalk turned out it was a party bus going to Foxborough. At about 9:30 P.M. James 's Mom picked him up. Then 15min later we decided to go to watch the fight since I ordered it on Comcast. So…show more content…
But something was strange going on we were being followed. But the follower was in front of us, but we knew he was watching us. As we were walking there was a slight hill the man in front went up it and disappeared, we had no idea where he went but we figured one of those were his house so we keep walking then around 2-3 minutes later we heard a man in a loud whisper saying things like “hey you guys” “you kids” and things like that and at about where Haffner 's gas station is on lowell st is where the voices stopped. At that time my house was visible and we ran to it that was enough scares for one night.Once we got to the house we had snacks and drinks while waiting for Jameson and Robbie. When Jameson and and Robbie got to the house we had a pre-fight warm up it was Noah and I against Jameson and Robbie Noah was lucky he took on Jameson while i fought Robbie i had gotten him into a triangle choke when i looked over Noah was being beaten by Jameson who had grabbed one of my mom 's flip flops smacking Noah on the head. When I tightened my hold on Robbie he managed to get up and flip me on my face it hurt pretty bad i went and got a brisk and kept it on my face. Then afterwards Noah and Jameson went to get food so my dad 's friend Abreu gave me and Robbie
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